Louie Robert Lane

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Louie Robert Lane by you.

Louie Robert Lane

First born of David and Mary Lane

Louie Robert Lane, born 1 Jun 1894 at Corning, Holt County, MO.  Married on 3 Jun 1917 in Hayes County, NE to Gladys Mae Hillman.  She was born 16 Jan 1898 in Hayes County, NE, the second-oldest of four daughters of Harry and Mary Elizabeth Hillman.  The Nebraska Times Republican newspaper of Hayes County reported the event in its June 7, 1917 issue, noting that the Rev. J.W. Gress performed the ceremony “in the presence of about twenty-five close friends and relatives” and that  Louie “is a very energetic, young ranchman of Arthur County…”
Louie may not have attended any high school, but did attend a business college at York, a town midway between Grand Island and Lincoln, Neb.  It was on 26 June 1919 that the federal land office, then located at Broken Bow, NE, issued a Homestead patent for 639.04 acres in Arthur County to Louie R. Lane, document number 010476, issued by authority of President Woodrow Wilson.

Gladys Mae (Hillman) Lane by you.

Gladys Mae (Hillman) Lane

They came to a 40-acre berry farm in Boring in 1936 and were active in the Haley Baptist Church and in retirement years they were active in the Gresham Senior Center “Hot Shots” band.  They participated with that band in performances at many county fairs and at the 1974 Worlds Fair in Spokane, Wash.  The “Hot Shots” played non-traditional instruments and were directed by Mae’s sister, Irma L. Wilson of Gresham.  Louie usually played “bones” and Mae played percussion (on pots or pans).  They raised 6 children on their berry farm in rural Clackamas County, OR.  Mae died 2 June 1987 in Boring.  Louie died 16 Feb 1988 at Boring and the two of them are buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Gresham, OR.  (At the time of his death, according to the obituary published in the Gresham newspaper, he had 30 grandchildren, 51 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren!)


  1. Byron Renner said,

    Being a cousin descended from David Alva Lanes’ father Robert Byron Lane, I am interested to communicate and share information on our Lane and Thieman families.
    I have been concentrating on Robert Byron Lane’s father John Lane and his first wife Delilah Bybee. Please contact me if willing to share information. I also have two LANE Y-DNA tests out on the web, one being for my Uncle Edwin and my 1st cousin 1R Ron. My mother (a LANE) and I are also on the web with a DNA Family Finder test hoping to connect with unknown cousins.

    • Julie said,

      Hey Byron,

      I’m sorry about the late reply. I homeschool my four children, and find it hard to find time to work on family heritage during the school year.

      Anyway, my husband is a Lane (well, his Grandma was an actual Lane). I don’t have much information on the Lane side, but am willing to share what I do know. I do have some new info I need to sort through, but I am not sure when I will find the time to do so. For now I will send you an invite into my family tree at ancestry.com, and maybe you can find some things there.

      Do you have a family tree or anything, that you would like to share?

      Take care,

    • Greg Dressman said,

      Mr. Renner, I’m the son of Ivan Dressman, the landowner who recently purchased the land that is the site of the Lane family Cemetery in Marshall Co. KS. I’ve been doing some research on John Lane and ran across your pictures at http://www.dispatchesfromkansas.com/2009_09_01_archive.html. I’m trying to track down the original grave markers that were removed by a previous land owner and return them to the correct location. I spoke to Phil Bigham and he believes they are in TX. Do you have any information you can offer to help in this search? Thanks. Greg Dressman

  2. Marsha B said,

    Hello just today found your site I am interested in john Lane and Delilah Bybee- this is my husband’s family. I would appreciate any info you have on John’s first wife and if she had any children. also I have a daughter, Clarissa with no information.

    Anything you could send would be appreciated

    • Julie said,


      I am sorry for the late reply. I homeschool my four kids full time, plus work outside the home. I don’t have much “me time”. *lol* … I usually only have time to work on ancestry stuff during our summer vacation. We decided that we needed a day off school today, so I thought I would catch up on my (very behind) inbox. *wink*

      I don’t have much information on the Lane side (it’s my father-in-law’s, mom’s side), but if I run across the info you’re looking for, I will contact you. (I’ll save this Email) … Just be warned that I won’t have time to do any more family history research until summer vacation, which starts in early May.

      Thanks! Julie

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