William Frank Lane

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Third child and son of David and Mary Lane.

William Frank Lane, born 3 Apr 1900 at Barada, Richardson County, NE.  He married on 3 April 1922 at Broken Bow, Custer County, NE to Maggie Gertrude Dancer.  She was born 23 Jan 1901 in Wallace, Lincoln County, NE, the sixth child in a family of 10 children of Elias Ford and Florence [Grove] Dancer.  The town of Wallace is about 20 miles north of Hayes County, into Lincoln County, where the family resided for many years.  As recorded in the federal land office then-located at Broken Bow, Elias F. Dancer was issued a patent on 17 Dec 1915 for a 480-acre homestead in Arthur County, NE
Thinking back nearly a century later, little brother Charles characterized Frank’s childhood in the phrase “he was the bad boy” in the family.  Once, as Charles recalled it, Frank and a cousin, either Jake Lane or Wesley Lane, took the teacher’s horse-buggy and managed to perch it on top of the barn.  [David Lane’s brother Robert Frank Lane’s family lived nearby, with their four children, Wesley, Byron, Jake, and Daisy.]
When the family lived in Broken Bow, Frank worked in a Dodge garage.  The family moved to Lincoln, NE in 1939 so the older children could attend high school.  They raised three children.  While in Lincoln, Frank did some commercial truck driving and Maggie worked at Montgomery Ward .  Frank and Maggie returned to the ranch in Arthur County from 1942-1950.  Younger brother Charles still bristled years later in recalling his childhood disappointment that this big brother who gave him a bad time in younger years was now coming back and getting a big share of the cattle, harnesses, and farm equipment.  But Charles had to admit that “Frank did settle down to ranching and had several good years in cattle.”   Then Frank and Maggie moved in to town, Ogallala, where Frank operated the Texaco station at the east side of town for many years.
Melvin remembers his Uncle Frank as fostering competitiveness in the children’s playing ─ whether it was checkers or sand-lot softball, Melvin was not to be lenient and let younger brother Ray or cousin Sam win if they could be beaten.
By 1958 Frank and Maggie retired to Mesa, AZ and spent summers traveling the U.S. ─ they worked in Yellowstone Park one summer and had their summer home in Durango, Colorado; later a summer home in Lakeside, Arizona; and several summers were spent on a college campus in Rexburg, Idaho.  Frank died 11 Apr 1992, only a few days after a large family gathering to celebrate the couple’s 70th wedding anniversary.  After his death, Maggie moved to the Citadel Apartments in Mesa until 1999, when she moved to the Mi Casa Care Center.  She lived to age 103, dying 13 Oct 2004.  They are entombed together at Mountain View mausoleum across Main Street from their home of many years, Mesa Dunes Retirement Park (originally known as Clarke’s Sunny Acres when they first started wintering in Mesa), Mesa, AZ

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