Charles and Charlotte Groblebe

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Charles and Charlotte would be Joe’s great, great grandparents…

Generations … 1st :: Charles Groblebe, 2nd :: Sarah Groblebe (Cline), 3rd :: C. Marie Cline (Toepfer), 4th :: Elvina Toepfer (Johnson), 5th :: Joseph Johnson (hubby), 6th :: my kids; Jared, Josh, Alicia, and Amanda.

Charles Isaac Groblebe by you.

Charles Isaac Groblebe

Charles Issac Groblebe
Born: March 1844 in Germany
Died: 1933 in Eureka, Arkansas

Charles was born in March, 1844, in Germany, from which country he emigrated to the United States in his youth and settled in St. Louis. He served in a Missouri regiment in the Confederate army during the Civil war. After the war he went to Arkansas and engaged in the lumber business at Eureka Springs, and became a well known lumberman throughout northwestern Arkansas.

Oral legend has it that “Groblebe” is actually the origional name spelled backwards. A member of the family is said to have shamed the family name, so the rest of the family used the name backwards to avoid the association. “Ebleborg” or something along those lines may have been the original name, or a place in germany where Charles came from.

Charlotte was Charles’ 2nd (possbly 3rd) wife…

His first wife was Mary J. (Mitchell) Groblebe

b. August 24, 1850
d. September 12, 1883

Their children:

George William Groblebe
b. April 4, 1870
d. February 15, 1953

Earl Franklin Groblebe
b. July 7, 1877
d. June 17, 1960

Charles Isaac Groblebe II
b. October 2, 1879
d. April 10, 1966

Henry Edward Groblebe
b. August 6, 1881
d. April 21, 1963

Acording to one site I found when I googled Charles Groblebe, he married another Mitchell girl named Rose Mitchell, and had four children; Della, Bill, Dan, and Mae… But this hasn’t been confirmed by anything else… BUT… I found somewhere that Charles and Charlotte were married in 1883, which is the same year that Mary died, so he couldn’t have married someone else… Don’t know…

Charlotte Ann (Sectes) Groblebe by you.

Charlotte Ann (Scates) Groblebe

Charlotte Ann Scates
b. 1866 in Arkansas
d. 1928 in Eureka, Arkansas

Daughter of William and Sarah Scates.

They had one daughter:

Sarah Ellen Groblebe
b. May 14, 1891
d. August 28, 1992


  1. Brian said,

    My wife is a descendant of Winona Mae Groblebe, 1887 to 1937. We actually have a photo of a Dan Groblebe and he looks a lot like Charles Isaac Groblebe (at least in my opinion).
    Winona Mae Groblebe married James Richard White and they had 3 children: Leonard

    • Julie said,


      I am sorry for the late reply. I homeschool my four kids full time, plus work outside the home. I don’t have much “me time”. *lol* … I usually only have time to work on ancestry stuff during our summer vacation. We decided that we needed a day off school today, so I thought I would catch up on my (very behind) inbox. *wink*

      Anyway, thanks for the update! It’s nice to “meet” someone from my husband’s side of the family!

      Take care, Julie

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