Daisy Mildred/Mae Chandler Goss

July 15, 2010 at 8:52 am (Chandler Roots) (, )

7th child of Perry and Nancy Chandler

Daisy Mildred Chandler (or Daisy Mae)
     b. December 16, 1911 in Miami, Oklahoma
     d. August 28, 2006 in Hood River, Oregon

Married on March 30, 1929 in Hood River, Oregon to

Odie Earl Goss
     b. July 19, 1909 in Tucumcari, New Mexico
     d. February 1, 1996 in Parkdale, Oregon


1) Eleanor Rosella Goss
     b. April 7, 1930 in Hood River, Oregon

2) Earlene Joyce Goss
     b. November 24, 1931 in Hood River, Oregon

3) Gilbert Marvin Goss
     b. April 18, 1933 in Hood River, Oregon

4) Delbert Francis Goss
     b. September 13, 1935 in Hood River, Oregon

5) Carol Ann Goss
     b. September 10, 1937 in Hood River, Oregon

6) Phillip Arden Goss
     b. October 2, 1939 in Hood River, Oregon

7) Gayla Lee Goss
     b. July 6, 1941 in Hood River, Oregon

8 ) Kelsey Odie Goss
     b. April 8, 1946 in Hood River, Oregon


  1. roderick said,


  2. Kelsey Goss said,

    I’m not sure how you got it, but I can tell you Mother would be miffed at the use of “Daisy Mae”. The only times I remember this being used is when my Father would tease her with “Daisy Mae Dogpatch”; and she would at least pretend to be mad. Believe me, he was pretty careful when he used it!

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