Delbert Manuel Chandler

July 15, 2010 at 8:08 am (Chandler Roots) ()

3rd child of Perry and Nancy Chandler

Delbert Manuel Chandler
     b. January 26, 1902 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. November 28, 1946 in Klamath Falls, Oregon

*Newspaper clipping about Delbert’s death.

Coyote Hunt at “Big Rock” Proves Fatal

Delbert Manuel Chandler, 44, employee of Weyerhaeuser logging camp 4, was fatally injured by a rifle shot yesterday while on a target shooting and and coyote hunting expedition with two friends. The shooting is considered accidental, but officials are unable to say who fired the shot.

Frank E. Lockwood, 23, and Dink Lane, 40, the other men in the party, were questioned at length last night by the district attorney, but no charges had been filed today. State police are continuing the the investigation.

Lane and Lockwood are brothers-in-law, the latter arrived here only Tuesday night from Arkansas.

The shooting occured at a place called Big Rock near the Greensprings Highway.

Hunting Trip

The two men, Lockwood and Lane, told officers that Thursday afternoon they went to Chandler’s place at the camp and that the three walked a mile and a half to King Cole Camp on the highway.

There, they said, they had a soft drink and told Russell Leach, operator of King Cole, they were going to hunt coyotes at Big Rock. All had .22 rifles.

They walked to Big Rock and spread out. Lockwood said that he saw a coyote and fired. A moment later they heard Chandler call, ” Hey Dink, come over here. I’m shot.”

Lockwood and Lane went over and found Chandler on the ground, shot through the chest.

They carried him a short distance, then went back to King Cole for help. Leach took Chandler in a car and started for a local hospital, stopping a state patrolman on the way. Chandler died in the car.

Shots Fired

Lockwood told the district attorney last night he thought his shot was to the right of where they found Chandler on the ground, and that he had heard two other shots fired by other hunters just before he shot.

Dr. George H. Adler, country coroner, was called to examine the body and said that the bullet struck the top of Chandler’s heart and passed on through the body. He was unable to determine if the wound was made by a .22 caliber bullet or a heavier gun. Dr. Adler is conducting a post mortem this afternoon.

Chandler was said to be a single man, living at the camp boarding house. The district attorney this morning received a telegram from a John Chandler, Sandy, Or., asking for particulars about the death.

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