Leona Pearl Chandler Wetherell

July 15, 2010 at 8:05 am (Chandler Roots) (, )

2nd child (and twin of Leonard) of Perry and Nancy Chandler

Leona Pearl Chandler
     b. October 14, 1899 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. July 30, 1945 in Hood River, Oregon

Married on December 20, 1918 in Neosho, Missouri to

William Guy Wetherell
     b. September 15, 1897 in Cagel Missouri
     d. November 15, 1970 in Coos Bay, Oregon


1) William Bert Wetherell
     b. December 22, 1919 in Hatten, Washington
     d. February 17, 2005 in Gresham, Oregon

2) Freida Lois Wetherell
     b. March 4, 1922 in Hatten, Washington
     d. July 13, 1996 in Pacifica, California

3) Lula M Wetherell
     b. September 25, 1924 in Seneca, Missouri
     d. June 22, 2000 in Corneluis, Oregon

4) Barbara Jean Wetherell
     b. February 14, 1927 in Granby City, Missouri
     d. March 31, 1927 in Granby City, Missouri

5) Estle LeRoy Wetherell
     b. July 15, 1929 in Seneca, Missouri
     d. August 6, 1983 in Parkdale, Oregon

6) Clyde Elbert Wetherell
     b. May 16, 1932 in Seneca, Missouri
     d. February 21, 1972 in Anchorage, Alaska

7) Wilma Irene Wetherell
     b. July 4, 1942 in Hood River, Oregon
     d. April 2010


  1. Duane Wetherell said,

    Leona Chandler was my Grandmother, we know so little about her as she passed before my dad grew up. Any information would help.

    Duane Wetherell, youngest son of Clyde Elbert Wetherell

  2. Duane Wetherell said,

    As of April, 2010 Wilma the last surviving child of Leona passed away, so no one is left to fill in the blanks. I am trying to find out among many things how Leona died, all of her kids(Wilma?) died of cancer, not yet sure how Wilma died.

    • Julie said,


      I wish I could be of more help. All the info I have on Leona Chandler Wetherell is the little but I have on my blog. Most of that I got off another member on ancestry.com (daughter of John Chandler, one of Leona’s brothers).

      I’m sorry I wasn’t more help.

      Julie Johnson
      Granddaughter to Mary Chandler Zade (younger sister of Leona)

  3. duane wetherell said,

    Thanks Julie , you did help…and I am still digging.

  4. duane wetherell said,

    Were there any family stories about or involving Leona?


    p.s. got the pictures you had on site thanks much! I am still learning about this internet stuff

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