The D’Abreu Line

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First Generation

Georgorio D’Abreu

Son was John Luois D’Abreu

Second Generation

John Louis D’Abreu, married to Isabel

Son was John Luis D’Abreu

Third Generation

John Luis D’Abreu
b. 1794 in Calcutta, India
d. April 5, 1836

Married to Barbara Maria Lisman

Son was John Richard D’Abreu

John Richard D’Abreu

Forth Generation

John Richard D’Abreu
b. July 11, 1826 in Calcutta, India
d. 1900

1st Married to:
Amelia Marie Blond
     b. about 1829
d. about 1865

Children: (order may vary)

1) Adela Mary D’Abreu

2) Alice Emmalin D’Abreu

3) Edith Lavina D’Abreu

4) Edwin Richard D’Abreu

5) Marie Isabelle D’Abreu

6) Rosalina Enelicia D’Abreu

7) Wilfred Francio D’Abreu

8 ) John Henry D’Abreu
     b. about 1849
d. about 1914

9) Ellen Barbara D’Abreu (5th generation … She married Morten Andersen…)
     b. April 22, 1863 in Dacca, India
d. May 29, 1932 in Bangalore, India

2nd Married to Wilhemina Alexandrina Englehingl

Children (order may vary):

10) Delphine Gertrude D’Abreu

11) Florence D’Abreu

12) Frederick Alfred D’Abreu

13) Herbert D’Abreu

14) Inez Monica “Ethel” D’Abreu

15) Phoebe Agnes D’Abreu

16) Sophie Wilhelmina D’Abreu

17) Victor Eugene D’Abreu

The D’Abreu Sisters


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  1. sivakukmarv said,

    Hi, Very nice to read this blog. I am actually from Danishpet and now living in New Jersey.

    Actually, I was in Danishpet for the past 4 weeks. Next time when I go there, I am going to visit the church and your properties.

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