Letter from Harriet Nagel

July 23, 2010 at 5:25 pm (Nagel Roots) ()

7 December 1924

(I can’t read who this was written to),

I wish I could have written this letter fully in German. Often and often have I wanted to write to you, but this language difficulty has stood in the way. I think Anni’s Karl knows enough English now to translate this for you. I still remember the nice time I spent with you all. I am sorry you did not send me more of those picnic photos taken near Neuboeilnaw. I never can forget that beautiful motor drive.

My son, Gottlob, who stands between me and my daughter on the photo, has emigrated to New Zealand. He found it so hard to get a decent work here. He left on the 14th of October and this photo was taken the day before he left. Sam and Theodore are still in Englad. Theodore was married in August. I did more meet the girl, but he writes very highly about her. Her father is a fruit farmer.

Are Anni and Minni married? If so, why have they not sent me their wedding photos? Has Karl forgotten me? I am sorry I did not meet Minni’s young man when I was in Nauheim. Please write soon and let me know how you are all getting on. You must write in English for there is no one anywhere near me who knows German. I am longing to hear about the girls. What is your son doing now? With your money value so low, I am sure you must find living very expensive. I wish I had some money to send you when you are hard up, for you helped me and my husband very much. But Marie dear, tho I am unable to reward you, the Lord will not forget your kindness to me and mine.

My Olive will be 24 years old on the 31st of this month. She is a teacher now. My Karl was 19 last month. He is attender at a big warehouse.

I often think of you, which is about all I can do for you under the circumstances. Now do write and give plenty of news. With hearty and loving greetings to your husband, children, and yourself.

Your affectionate friend,
Harriet Nagel

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