Letter from Harriet Nagel to (another) Volbrecht Nagel

July 23, 2010 at 5:28 pm (Nagel Roots) ()

This letter probably wasn’t written to Harriet’s husband, Volbrecht. My great-grandfather, Volbrecht Nagel, died in 1921 and this letter is dated 1924. I am guessing that maybe it was written to Volbrecht’s uncle, who is also named Volbrecht… Maybe?

Travancore State
S. India
9th December 1924

My Dear Volbrecht,

With my return to India, I have had no news of you and I feel so unhappy about it. I do not wish you all to forget me altogether, so although I cannot write in German, I am writing in English in hopes that you will find somebody who will be able to translate it to you. I have enclosed photos one for you and one for Janchen and one for Sanchen. This was taken the day before my son, Gottlob, immigrated to New Zealand. He found it so hard to get work here so he left on the 14th of October to go take up farming there. It was very hard to let him go so far away but if he gets on nicely there, Olive, Karl and I may follow later on. Olive is a teacher now and Karl is working in a large English warehouse in Madras. Theodor was married in August and they are still in London. I am longing to hear how you are getting on. Is Janchen married? How is my little mother getting on? She must be getting very feeble now. Please give her my very best love and tell her that I often think of her. Is Sanchen still with you? Where are Lydia and Ludwig? How’s Karl, has he had a sister or brother yet? Please do write a letter to me and give me plenty of news.

I am alright now. I broke my knee in February and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. I slipped and fell when getting down from a Tram car. I never thought I would walk again, but an Indian man massaged it for 14 days with medicinal oils and it was only after this I was able to walk.

With your low value of money I suppose living is very expensive. I wish I had some money to send you. I am longing to get a bit of German ?. After enjoying this I do not like any other kind now. Write home soon. With much love to you all in the house and to Loctchen and family.

Yours very affectionately,
Harriet Nagel

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