Letter from Harriet Nagel

July 23, 2010 at 5:34 pm (Nagel Roots) ()

Travancore State
18h September 1933

My Dear Sister in Christ,

Since my visit to you in 1921, many and many a time have I wanted to write to you but the language difficulty has come between and stopped me. I am compelled to write now because of an urgent need and I hope and pray that you will find someone to translate this to you. I have not forgotten you all and I trust you have not me either. My visit to you and the happy time you gave me is still fresh in my memory and how I long to pay you another visit. The Lord may yet help me to do it.

The work of the Lord has been going on steadily and encouragingly and souls are being added to the church. Several new places have been opened up for work and Assemblies formed. In this place especially the numbers have increased very much since my return in 1922. So much so that now we have to build a larger meeting place. For nearly twenty years we have been meeting in a shed which is too small to hold all who come. And as we are also in need of a Girl’s School, we want to put up a substantial tiled building large enough to serve both purposes. There is a convent here for girls but our believers do not care to send their daughters because of the religious instruction freely given. So they have to send them each day by train to a Government school 6 miles away which means extra needless expense to them. For some years now they have been begging of me to open a Girl’s School but I could not do so for want of a proper building. Even the Hindus and Jacobite Syrians have joined in the request as they too do not care to send their children to the Roman Catholic Convent.

About 3 years ago the believers themselves, who are mostly from the poor, out of their great poverty collected some money but it was only enough to finish the foundation work. Just the great worldwide econonic struggle began and they could not go on. This unfinished building lies along the roadside to the open gaze of passers by and our enemies. The Roman Catholics point their fingers of scorn at it and taunt and ridicule our poor believers about it. Seeing the very urgent need of this place I have taken it upon myself to write to a few select friends and ask for a little help to finish it. I do hope you will be able to send a small gift to these poor brethren. I am sure the smallest gift would be gratefully accepted by them. You may have noticed the announcement in the “Offene Luren” but I am awfully sorry to say that I have not received anything toward it yet. Dear sister, you are one who have taken an interest in this work of the Lord in Malabar from its very beginning. I am sure you pray for it still. Do not lose interest in it because my husband is gone and do not forget his wife altogether because she is still going on with the work. This building is urgently needed or I would not have written about it, so do not fail us at this critical time.

How is your family? I am sure Anni and Minni are married and have families of their own. I have their photos hanging in my sitting room. I wish you would send me your family group. I am longing to hear some news of you all. Don’t your sons-in-law know English? If so, ask one of them to write.

I daresay, you must have heard of my beloved Gottlob’s Homecall. He was my best and the most spiritual of all my children and he came from New Zealand to help me in the Lord’s work. Oh, how I miss my precious darling. The Lord saw it fit to take him. I am enclosing a copy of the circular letter I sent round at the time.

My Samuel and Theodore are still in England. Theodore is married and has a son and daughter. They are very clever children. The boy is 8 and the girl is 5. My daughter is a teacher and my youngest son is a clerk in an office in one of our large cities.

I myself have not been in good health for some years. I am suffering from not too strong an attack of Angina Pectoris and Diabetes. For the latter I keep strict diet and so I am going on without very great trouble. But I am not able to go on long walks and visit houses as I did before. But I am thankful that I am not worse. Please pray much for me.

Do you ever meet the Stammheim people now? If you do will you tell them about the need of our Meeting Room? I know they cannot do much but though you may not be able to send money, you can all pray that the Lord might send us the needed amount.

The Lord bless and keep you all by His grace and power. With affectionate love and greetings.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Harriet Nagel

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