Letter from Volbrecht Nagel

July 23, 2010 at 5:20 pm (Nagel Roots) ()

Translation of letter of Volbrecth Nagel while in exile in Switzerland during World War I).

Raemismuhle, April 4, 1919 Oberageri

My dear Godchild,

Finally I got some news from you March 3rd. I should really scold you hard, for letting me wait so long, you have been home again since Christmas, and after all this time you are even married again. Well I will save the scolding till I see you.

Even so belated I am wishing both of you from my heart our God’s richest blessing to your union. May God always stay sweet — to both of your spiritual increase to the Glory of our Lord.

That dear Ludwig in F? will be a toothtechnician, I have heard from my true friend Wachter. I was astonished, but rejoiced in my heart, that he has found such a good place. May our God and Savior watch over this growing young man, to the best of him, and also over Lydia and the children.

As of yet, I am still waiting over the heart of Luicia (Markhubel) for he also belongs to my soliders, which I bring regularly before the Lord. I would also like to know if the dear Mr. Gergel recuperated from the flu and now again with you together can be a support in the meetings.

I myself work again since the end of February in the west of Switzerland. Giving in different places weekly services – the theme being, “The Hope of the Saved”, especially emphasizing the coming of the Lord. Attendance and attention were not good, praise be to the Lord.

At present I am again for a few weeks in the Health Resort Hotel “Landli” by the beautiful and highsituated Aegerisee. I am holding evening meditations and have also single ministerial service. The manager is a believing German lady Doctor from Breman. The Lord willing, will stay here over Easter and then again return to Ramismuhle for a short time anyway. Am waiting naturally with longing and ? on the peace treaty and all its implications, not in the least what will happen to the poor Missionaries. I am not letting to the hope that our Lord and Savior will again point me towards India.

The news from the Dear ones are not too good. A lot of sickness and dying, flu, black pox and cholera ruled. My dear Harriet says, quite a few of the dear faces I will not find any more. My the Lord spare her for me and the dear children for His great grace and goodness sake.

From Samuel and Theordore I have not heard for many months. They are evidently both in the help-service in Belgui, as I have heard from their mother. I wonder how they were faring in these terribly cold days, my poor children of sorrow? Who knows, if they did not get sick themselves, and are now sleeping in the cool earth.

Greeting and kiss in the name of Jesus.

Bring my greeting to Lottchen and Karl and the dear ones in Leichhusen. As well as the members in the next meeting, and also to you all my dear ones all the heartiest greetings.

Petter your Goduncle

The Lord willing see you soon, if only for a short time.

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