Blast from the Past

August 5, 2010 at 6:22 pm (Andersen Roots) (, )

This morning I was contacted by Alex Walker from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a stamp collector who specializes in Denmark. He acquired this envelope for part of his collection. While researching Danishpet (or Danish Pett), he stumbled across my blog. He sent me this scan of the envelope, which is addressed to my great grandma, Ellen Andersen. It is postmarked March of 1906.

He writes,

“Interesting that the spellings of place names vary slightly. My envelope has “Danish Pett ” and “Kattiampadi” whereas your biography has the modern spelling “Danishpet” and “Kadiampatti”. I don’t have any clues as to the sender or the contents, but it is a small envelope, what we call a ” Ladies Letter”, and may have contained a greetings card, an invitation, or a thank you note. It was mailed from “SanThome” which has obvious Portuguese origins.”

My great grandma Ellen Andersen’s maiden name is D’Abreu, and she is of Portuguese decent, so the letter may be from a relative… Who can say.

I find it amazing that this envelope is still around after 104 years.


  1. Ramsay said,

    SanThome is a suburb of Madras (now called Chennai) and very much in India. 🙂

  2. Ramsay said,

    You might want to tell the collector of Denmark postage that fact.

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