Letter from Karl Nagel to Jessica Andersen Evans

August 17, 2010 at 7:40 pm (Nagel Roots) ()

Sorry about some of the blanks. The handwriting is very shaky, and I can’t make out some of the words…

2nd November 1979

My dear Jessica,

Thank you very much for your letter received. It was re_____ed from Birmingham. As you have been informed already, I had a slight heart attack on the 24th August, when I was with Pauline. I got over that and went to spend a week at Birmingham. On Sunday evening, the 2nd September, I spent the day out with a nephew and everything was alright til after 9 o’clock that night. We were getting ready for bed and I was reading the Bible for prayers. Suddenly, at about 9:30, my speech became blurred. They phoned for an ambulance and took me to the hospital. After various tests they told me that I had a mild stroke. They kept me about three hours in the hospital, by which time by speech was more or less normal. They told me that I had got back my speech, that I could go home, but I must rest for a few days. They wrote to the doctor to keep an eye on me. Fortunately nothing happened after that. I returned here from Birmingham on the 18th September. So here I am in the ____ of recovery.

Yes, I can quite understand how you all must miss your Mum and Dad, especially as they were taken so close together. What has happened to the house at El Cajon? I am glad to hear that the children are doing well in school.

Pauline was here for the whole of last week with her two children. They had what is known here as the half____ holiday, so she took advantage to come. Virginia will be 4 years old in a few days, but she started at nursery school a few weeks ago. Abigail is just over two. She will be 3 next March.

Here are the dates you wanted:

Harriet Sabina Nagel, born 15th November at ?
Volbrecht Nagel, born 3rd November at Stammheim, Germany
Samuel Frederick Nagel – 1st January 1898 in Kunnamkulam, Cochin State, India
Theodore Ernest Nagel – 10th March 1899 in Kunnamkulam, Cochin State, India
Gotlob Volbrecht Nagel – 8th August 1900 in Parur, Cochin State
Karl Heinrich Nagel – 17th November 1905 in Cochin, Cochin State

When you have finally completed the family history, could you please send me a copy? Have you got the date my father and mother were married? And the place? I think they were married at Kunnamkulam. I have just written a long history of my father’s life, and also how I came to _____ his _____ . I shall send you a copy when it is finally finished.

Is Alvy still working in the same job? May the Lord prosper him in it!

What church do you attend? We attend the Baptist Church. We gave a good pastor. A Godly man who preaches the “old” gospel.

The Lord bless you all abundantly with ____ love.

Your loving
Uncle Karl and Auntie Esther

Please excuse my shaky handwriting. It seems to have been affected by my recent stroke.



  1. jacobgeorge said,

    Hi, I am from Kerala, India and live in Calgary, Alberta. I was reading about one of my favourite Malayalam hymns written by V. Nagal and did a bit of reading about him on Wikipedia and came across a link to your blog. Just curious how you are related to him and whether you have any more information about him apart from what’s on your blog. I also saw a link to Lougheed, Alberta. Do any of Mr. Nagal’s family live there? God bless! Jacob

    • Julie said,

      Hi Jacob,

      I am V. Nagel’s great granddaughter. I don’t have any other information on him, other than what is already here.

      None of the family still live in Alberta. We do have family in Quebec and my brother lives in British Columbia, but most of us live in the states… Though we do have family in England, Australia, and New Zealand.

      Julie 🙂

  2. Gerry Winkel said,

    My personal memories of Pauline, her brother Andrew and their parents date back to the sixties when I was Pauline’s penfriend.
    Most vividly I especially do remember the summer of ’65 when I stayed with them at Birmingham (after Pauline and I already had been for some days with her family in Newton Abbot).
    On the day of my return to the Netherlands Mr. and Mrs. Nagel gave to me as a present the New Testament with Psalms (revised standard version) that up till this very day is yet very much cherished by me.

    Later on this wonderful and enriching contact would be lost in a most unfortunate way and this has been regretted by me ever since.

    In 1972 I returned to Birmingham with as a mere wish to pay them a visit, but by then family Nagel had already moved somewhere else.
    Made next fruitlessly attempts to find out to where they had gone and accepted at last that all that would be left was the memory.

    Well over four decades after all the above happened I have now come across this site ‘revisiting the past’ and have read the contents of the letters. Contents which have left me with various emotions, such as gratefulness, joy, sadness and most of all regrets.

    I sincerely hope that Pauline will read this and that she will contact me.

    Gerry Winkel
    The Netherlands

    • Julie said,

      Hi Gerry. I have left a message on Pauline’s facebook, telling her about your comment. Hope she will be by soon! 🙂

      ~Julie (daughter of Jessica, owner of this page)

  3. Gerry Winkel said,

    Hi Julie. That is ever so nice of you. It will be wonderful to hear from Pauline after such a long long time

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