Perry Manuel Chandler

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*This is an article from a Parkdale, Oregon newspaper, on a series of Historical Families in Parkdale.

Perry Manuel Chandler was born during the Civil War, about 1 1/2 months after the capture of Vicksburg. He was born on August 17, 1863 in Kirksville, Missouri to Willis and Elizabeth Chandler. He didn’t marry until he was 35 years old. He did some prospecting for gold and worked a while for Ranier Av Electric Railway Company as a street car conductor in Ogden, Utah. (Another source says it was Seattle, Washington)

Perry and Nancy Olivene Cantwell were married on October 14, 1898 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Nancy was born on March 16, 1879 in Platte, Nebraska. Perry and Nancy lived in Indian Territory in what was known as Big Bend Country on Lake of Cherokees, not far from Fairland. There were few towns then. The older children were born there. On November 17, 1907 this became the state of Oklahoma, the 46th state in the Union. It was divided into counties and Miami became the county seat of Attowa County where they lived. Soon the family moved to a farm owned by Perry’s brother-in-law, who was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. They lived there until the fall of 1913, when they moved to a farm in Missouri. Their mail came out on a route from Seneca delivered by horse and buggy.

Perry farmed, but in the winter he worked out his poll tax by using a team and working on the roads.

One winter he worked in Quapaw, Oklahoma, coming home once a month, working in the mines.

A man withwhom Perry had prospected with owned a ranch in Pilot Rock, Oregon. Perry and son, Delbert, came out to the ranch in the summer of 1919 and put the fall wheat crop in. Nancy and the other children stayed behind to sell their belongings. The stock farming equipment and household furniture was all sold at a huge auction. In November 1919, the rest of the family came to Oregon on the train, taking a cab from Pendleton to the farm.

Perry and the boys farmed the wheat ranch from 1919-1922. After William was born, Nancy became ill and it was learned that she had tuberculosis. She spent some time in the open air sanatorium in Portland without affecting a cure, so she came back home. She died at home on September 24, 1922 and was buried in the only cemetery in Pendleton.

Perry and his sons worked on McKay Dam for at least a year. Delbert went into the Army Air Corps. Perry and Leonard moved the younger children to Mt. Hood, Oregon in 1926. The older two girls had married. Perry Jr. (Buster), Mary (my grandma, Dad’s mom), John, and Bill attended school at the old Middle Valley School. Both John and Bill also went to Parkdale High for a short while. Perry had a stroke in 1938 which left him paralyzed on his left side. His son, John, and Rose, his wife, took him into their home. Perry died in 1943 while visiting at the home of his oldest son, Leonard, in Bridal Vail, Oregon.


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Chandler Line :: Third Generation

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Perry Manuel Chandler (oldest child of Willis and Elizabeth Chandler)
     b. August 17, 1863 in Kirksville, Missouri
     d. January 20, 1943 in Bridal Veil, Oregon

Married on October 14, 1898 in Indian City, Oklahoma to

Nancy Olivene Cantwell
     b. March 6, 1878 in North Platte, Nebraska
     d. September 24, 1922 in Pilot Rock, Oregon


1) Leonard Earl Chandler
     b. October 14, 1899 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. November 30, 1969 in Parkdale, Oregon

2) Leona Pearl Chandler
     b. October 14, 1899 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. July 30, 1945 in Hood River, Oregon

3) Delbert Manuel Chandler
     b. January 26, 1902 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. November 28, 1946 in Klamath Falls, Oregon

4) Mable Lee Chandler
     b. December 30, 1904 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. July 2, 1996 in Orville, California

5) Cecil Clyde Chandler
     b. February 26, 1907 in Indian City, Oklahoma
     d. December 16, 1907 in Wyandotte, Colorado

6) Jemima Iola Chandler
     b. November 17, 1909 in Wyandotte, Colorado
     d. June 10, 1911 in Senecca, Missouri

7) Daisy Mildred Chandler
     b. December 16, 1911 in Miami, Oklahoma
     d. August 28, 2006 in Hood River, Oregon

8 ) Perry Willis Chandler
     b. April 26, 1913 in Wyandotte, Colorado
     d. April 29, 1977 in Grants Pass, Oregon

9) Mary Elizabeth Chandler (fourth generation)
     b. October 30, 1915 in Missouri, Arkansas
     d. January 18, 1989 in Sandy, Oregon

10) John Frederick Chandler
     b. February 17, 1919 in Joplin, Missouri
     d. March 2007 in Roseburg, Oregon

11) William Albert Chandler
     b. June 7, 1921 in Pilot Rock, Oregon
     d. September 27, 2006 in Spring Valley, California

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