Alvy “E” Evans

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Alvy “E” Evans
June 30, 1938 – February 18, 1991

My Dad was born in Hood River, Oregon. He was the 4th child of Alvy and Mary Evans. When he was still very young, his Dad, Alvy Evans Sr., walked out on his family and chose not to be a part of their lives… On December 14, 1944 (when Dad was 6 years old), my Grandma married Louis “Bud” Zade, and they were a family again.

I don’t know much about his life when he was a child… I wish I had written down his stories when they were still fresh in my mind, so that I would have them now…

I know he spent a lot of time on his bike, and like to ride “dangerously”… I seem to remember a story he told once, about riding down a hill on his handlebars, and crashing… I believe he ended up with stitches that time.

I also have a vague recollection of part of his testimony that he gave at church once… From the little I remember (because this was the only time I heard this story), he almost drowned in a creek or something, and his dog pulled him out and saved his life. I think this was before he came to Christ.

I wish I knew how he came to Christ, though I am pretty sure he was a teen when he did.

Dad grew up in Parkdale, Oregon. Grandma and Grandpa Zade had a tiny house on a pear and peach orchard… That house was SMALL… There was a covered (cluttered) front porch, that also held the washer and dryer. When you went in the front door the living room and dining room were one room. Off to the right were two small rooms, to the left was the kitchen and bathroom… And that was it. Grandma and Grandpa raised 5 kids in that house! The boys had one room, the girls had the other, and Grandma and Grandpa slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room.

Dad, Uncle Bill, and Grandpa Zade

There are some things I will never forget about that house… Like the deer head on the wall. (They were avid hunters)… Or the bullet hole in the glass of the gun cabinet, and the bullet hole in one of the dressers in what was the boys’ room… I believe that Dad did one of them, and Uncle Danny did the other… Hope they learned their lesson about gun safety!!!

I also remember this little cushiony foot rest thing, that I liked to sit on. It had that old vinyl covering, like old cars used to have. There was also a little hole, so when you sat on the seat, the air would come out and make a funny noise… I would get on and off that thing all the time, just to hear the noise. *lol*

But enough about the house.

After high school, Dad joined the National Guard for 2 years. After that he enlisted with the Navy, in the Naval/Air division, for four years. He was stationed in Fallen, Nevada, then in Jacksonville, Florida, then on Treasure Island in San Franciso, California, and then finally in Ewa, Hawaii for 18 months… He was never on either a ship or a plane. He did clerical work for the Navy, ordering supplies and such. He would go into the town of Ewa to go to church.

I do remember him telling me about a severe sun burn he got while in the service, which I believe he said could have gotten him a court martial, for damaging Navy “property”. *shrugs*

He met my Mom when he was stationed on Treasure Island… On January 3, 1959 he was one of the hosts at some gathering at Port O’ Call, which was a Christian Serviceman’s Center in Oakland, California. My Mom, Jessica, was also a host there that night (and it happened to be her 19th birthday). That is the night they met. 🙂 My Mom was feeling down about something, and Dad did a lot to cheer her up.

They started writing letters back and forth, and their romance blossomed… They were married on September 9, 1961. Dad took Mom back to his hometown of Parkdale to live, and they bought their first (itty, bitty) house for $2000.

While they lived in Parkdale, my oldest brother, Rudy, was born in ’63. He was born in Hood River, just like Dad, and the exact same nurse helped the doctor at both Dad and Rudy’s births.

They eventually moved back to California. Mom’s parents were living in San Luis Obispo, and Mom and Dad first bought a place in Atascadero. This is where they lived when Sabina was born in ’67… The only thing I know about this time in their lives, is that Mom thought that house was haunted. She said they would hear footsteps in the attic. (Yikes!)

They then moved to San Luis Obispo, and had a little house on Johnson Ave… Dad was working for Chevron at the time… I don’t know when he started working for Chevron though… Both my brother, Phillip, and I were born while they lived in San Luis Obispo… When I was 4, my parents bought their first ever, brand new home. I remember going through it while it was being built. It had 3 bedrooms, and a garage. It was in Los Osos…

When I was 5 my Dad was transferred to Roseburg, Oregon where he was the assistant manager at a Chevron station there… He was on salary there, and he worked a LOT… But, because he was on salary, things were always tight, money wise.

In ’83 he quit his job at Chevron, and went to Portland to find a job… We stayed in Roseburg, while we tried to sell the house… But times were tough in Roseburg in those days, and the market dead. The house didn’t sell. (While he was working in Portland, he stayed with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda at their home in Sandy.)

After school got out in ’83, we all moved to Portland, even though the house hadn’t sold. They decided to rent it out, and we rented a house in Portland. It was nice, but it was small. Both of my brothers had to room out in the garage, with all the boxes as “walls”, seperating their spaces, and area rugs for their carpets.

Things didn’t go to well for Dad… He was always in and out of work, and money was always very tight… The renters in the Roseburg house didn’t last long (and they thrashed the place in the mean time), and since they couldn’t keep up with the mortgage in Roseburg, and the rent in Portland, they lost the house… That house was the last one Dad would own.

Dad (mostly) kept his chin up though. He was a big one for jokes, and was always teasing. He was known at church for his bad jokes, and for being a nut! … He was always helping too. He was an usher, and was always at the church even before the pastor got there. (Dad liked to be early!)

I remember one real embarrasing thing. 😆 … We got a new pastor at Sunnyside Community, where we were going at the time, and Mom and Dad invited him and his family over for dinner… And they came early… When they got there, Mom and Rudy had run to the store to pick something up for dinner, and Dad was in the bath. So Sabina and I were in the living room with them, keeping them company, while we waited for Mom to get home, etc… I remember I was feeling shy, because I thought their son, Scott (who was my age), was cute… ANYWAY, Dad came out of the bathroom with his pants and his undershirt on. (He ALWAYS wore a white t-shirt under his snap down, plaid shirts)… The thing was, he hadn’t zipped or buttoned his pants yet, and he stood there talking to them, holding his dirty clothes in his hands, with his pants open. Sabina and I ABOUT DIED. *rofl*

I remember when my niece, Justina, was born… My, did Dad like being a Grandpa. He doted on Justina, which is the only grandchild he got to meet… And she doted on him too. 🙂

In January 1991 Dad started feeling sick. He thought he had a stomach flu, so he just dealt with it for a couple weeks. When it didn’t get better, he finally took himself to a doctor in the beginning of February. The doctor thought he had hepititis at first, but when the tests for those came back fine, they started some new tests…

On Thursday, February 14th, Dad was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told him that it was so far gone, that there was nothing they could do for him. It had done too much damage already…

I called in sick to work that night, so that I could go see Dad (I had just turned 20). He was cheerful, and even made jokes about it (typical)… I remember him telling me that I wouldn’t have to wait any longer for the coin collection he had promised me, and when he said it his brother (my Uncle Bill) got after him for joking about it…

That was the last time I saw Dad.

On Monday, February 18th (4 days after being diagnosed), I was working at Payless. I had been working all weekend, and was planning on seeing Dad the next day, when I had a day off… By this time he was at Mt. Hood Medical center in Gresham…

Anyway, I was working Information, when Deanna came up with her till and told me she was taking over. I was more than a little confused, especially when they wouldn’t let me take the till to count it out, and told me to leave it. I thought I was in trouble for something, though I couldn’t figure out what for… I left Info, and started following our manager, when I saw Pastor Steve… And I knew… He didn’t have to tell me that Dad was gone. Just his presense at the store told me that.

4 days is not a lot of time to prepare youself for something like that… It happened so fast, it almost didn’t seem real… But I have always been glad that he didn’t suffer for a long time. Glad that God took him quickly, though it was hard on us…

Everyone says that he must have been sick for a very long time, but he really wasn’t, not until January. He seemed perfectly healthy at Christmas…

You know what I find interesting. That last Christmas, 2 months before he died, he gave us portraits of himself for Christmas… There was a photograher at the church, and he had him take his pictures… This is something that he had never done before, but I am so glad he did… Now we have those last pictures to remember him by… The one at the bottom of this post is one of those shots.


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William Elbert Zade

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Only child of Louis and Mary Zade

William Elbert Zade
     b. April 9, 1951 in Hood River, Oregon

Married on October 1, 1971 in Odell, Oregon to

Linda Sara Yvonne McEwen
     b. February 10, 1953 in Longview, Washington


1) William Daniel Louis Zade
     b. December 15, 1981 in Portland, Oregon

2) Amy Elizabeth Zade
     b. June 10, 1983 in Portland, Oregon

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Chandler Line :: Fourth Generation

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Mary Elizabeth Chandler (9th child of Perry and Nancy Chandler)
     b. October 30, 1915 in Missouri, Arkansas
     d. January 18, 1989 in Sandy, Oregon

Married on May 19, 1933 in The Dalles, Oregon to

Alvy Eleanor Evans
     b. June 11, 1911 in Mosier, Oregon
     d. May 27, 1983 in McMinnville, Oregon


1) Elva Lee Evans
     b. November 21, 1933 in Hood River, Oregon

2) Daniel Ray Evans
     b. March 11, 1936 in Hood River, Oregon
     d. August 16, 1966 in Hood River, Oregon

3) Anita Louise Evans
     b. May 25, 1937 in Hood River, Oregon

4) Alvy “E” Evans (Fifth Generation … My Dad…)
     b. June 30, 1938 in Hood River, Oregon
     d. February 18, 1991 in Gresham, Oregon

Alvy Sr. abandoned Mary and their children sometime in the early 40s. He just walked out and never looked back. My Grandma (Mary) then remarried…

Louis and Mary Zade

Married on December 14, 1944 in Vancouver, Washington to

Louis “Bud” Earl Zade
     b. November 9, 1913 in Oxford, Nebraska
     d. April 1, 1983 in Hood River, Oregon


William Elbert Zade
     b. April 9, 1951 in Hood River, Oregon

I wish I had heard more stories about my grandparents before they, and my Dad died. *sigh* … I did visit them often as a child, and loved to visit them. They loved us well!… My Grandpa Zade used to call me “Mighty Might”. *lol*

They owned and ran an orchard in Parkdale, Oregon. It was mainly pears, but they had a few peach trees as well. I remember my Grandma picking peaches right off the trees and giving them to me. 🙂 They had a HUGE front yard, with a view of Mt. Hood. We used to have family get-togethers in the front yard during the summer.

My Grandma was quite the artist. OMWord, she was so talented! My parents (Alvy and Jessica Evans) had a painting of a chipmunk that she painted, and it was so good that it looked like a portrait! She passed on that talent as well. My Uncle Danny was very talented, and even my Dad and I got some of that artistic ability as well (though not as good as hers).

I don’t know much else about Grandma… Other than she smoked like a chimney and that is what eventually killed her… Lung cancer and emphysema… I do remember her sitting, hunched over the table, doing crossword puzzles.

As for Grandpa Zade, he was a rock hound. He collected all sorts of different kinds of cool rocks. He had a huge shop, which was full of the rocks and his machinery. He would cut and polish the rocks, and made jewelry out of some of the gem-like rocks. He was very talented.

Grandma spent her last couple years living with my Uncle Bill (William Zade) and his family in Sandy, Oregon… The orchard and property in Parkdale was sold, and we’ve never been back. 😦

Louis and Mary Zade

I never met my biological Grandpa, Alvy Evans Sr… Since he had walked out on the family, they pretty much didn’t want anything to do with him. I have never so much as seen a picture of him. My Dad did go visit him once, when he was dying of cancer… But I never heard how the visit went.

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William Albert Chandler

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11th child of Perry and Nancy Chandler

William Albert Chandler
     b. June 7, 1921 in Pilot Rock, Oregon
     d. September 27, 2006 in Spring Valley, California

Married on June 7, 1947 in Kansas City, Missouri to

Louise Manade
     b. November 8, 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri


Timothy Keith Chandler
     b. November 3, 1954 in Kansas City, Missouri

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John Frederick Chandler

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10th Child of Perry and Nancy Chandler

John Frederick Chandler
     b. February 17, 1919 in Joplin, Missouri
     d. March 2007 in Roseburg, Oregon

Married on October 26, 1941 in Vancouver, Washington to

Rose Alice Matters
     b. July 8, 1923 in Portland, Oregon
     d. July 7, 1977 in Roseburg, Oregon


1) Rosa Darlene Chandler
     b. June 2, 1942 in Portland, Oregon
     d. January 14, 2004 in Roseburg, Oregon

2) Karen Joan Chandler
     b. September 10, 1944 in Portland, Oregon

3) Lawrence Keith Chandler
     b. August 19, 1945 in Portland, Oregon

4) David LeRoy Chandler
     b. December 23, 1950 in Roseburg, Oregon

Story of John Chandler by Karen Joan Chandler

John was born at the Williams Homestead between Joplin & Seneca Missouri. He weighted 1 3/4 pounds when he was born. He was not expected to live. At three weeks he weighted 3 pounds fully dressed. When he was 3 or 4 months old he Whooping Cough. They didn’t think that he would make it through that. He also had Mastoid ear infection when very young.

Moved to Pilot Rock, Oregon with his family when he was about 9 months old.

He quit school in the 10th grade when he got Thyphoid Fever. The Doctor did not think he would come through that either.

John started working in the woods at the age of 14 along with his father and brothers. When he started working in the wooks they did not have power saws, they used crosscut saws. He worked at Bridal Veil Box where they made amunition boxes at that time.. Went to work at Swan Island Shipyard as a welder, he welded on ships. He also worked in the packing sheds packing apples. Went to work for Roseburg Lumber Company as a faller March 16, 1948 and worked there until he retired. After his retirement he worked for different logging companies as equipment & fire watch. He worked doing that until he was 88 years old. He then quit working.

John belonged to the Fair Oaks & Sutherlin granges, was a Boy Scout leader and volunteer fireman at Fair Oaks. He help build the fire department up.

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