John and Mary Tufford

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John and Mary (Konkle) Tufford – 1st Generation

John was born sometime between 1775 & 1788 (exact date is not known) in New Jersey, USA. He died on December 1st, 1861 in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. The names of John’s parents are not known. Some people believe that Conrad and Judy Tufford are his parents, but there is no ducument to prove it. The 1787 and 1788 birth dates are more logical for his birth if they were to fit into Conrad and Judy’s family and their arrival in Ontario with a daughter who was born around 1785 or 1786 in New Jersey.

John was a farmer and he served in the Lincoln Regiment in the 1812 War in southern Ontario. He owned Lot 16 Concession 6, south of Beamsville, which he later sold to his son, Henry, when Henry and Charlotte were married in the 1840’s… In John’s will, dated November 15, 1856, he also owned Concession 2 and 3 of Lot 15. His sons John and Henry, along with his wife, Mary, were executors of his last will and testament. John bought Lot 16 concession 2 from Staats Overholt in 1817. In 1826 Joel Tallman sold 50 acres of Lot 15 Concession 2 to John.

John married Mary Konkle on February 1, 1810 in Beamsville, Ontario (then known as District of Niagara). Mary was born in 1789 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Adam and Magdelene Konkle… Mary came with her family in 1794, when she was only 5 years old, to Ontario, Canada. She died on January 8, 1874 in Beamsville, Ontario. John and Mary are buried in Mountain Presyterian Cemetary in Lincoln County. Their gravestone is fallen face dowb, broken, and is unreadable.

It is believed that the name “Konkle” is of German origin, the family was identified by early Americans as “Pennsylvania Dutch”. English settlers gave them this name, but they really meant to say “Deutsch” meaning “German”, the word became changed to “Dutch”, which was applied to Swiss, German, and even French Huguenots when they arrived in eastern United States on the 1700’s. In the late 1700’s many migrated to Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Canada. In Canada they moved to the Niagara Peninsula in southeastern Ontario. They applied to become United Empire Loyalists, receiving large land grants. People from the ship “Patience” arrived in Philadelphia on September 16, 1748, most being from the Palatinate section of south Germany, this is believed the ship that the first of the Konkle family arrived, the name being spelled Jungle (Cunkel, Kunckel, and Kungel).

Mary’s father, Adam Konkle, born in 1747, came to America on the ship “Patience” with his mother and father when he was only one year of age. He, along with his wife, Magdelene, immigrated to Canada on the 1790’s. Mary’s brother, Colonel Adam Konkle, married Ann Tufford, who was believed to be our John Tufford’s sister. Adam, who was known in the military as Col. Adam Konkle, and Ann had children; Adam J., Henry, Mathias, William, Mary Frances, and Maria.

John and Mary had five children:

Anna Tufford
b. October 27, 1810 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. February 17, 1871 in Beamsville, Ontario

Catharine Tufford
b. 1814 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. May 6, 1897 in Grimsby, Ontario

John Konkle Tufford
b. March 21, 1818 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. January 12, 1900 in Beasville, Ontario

Henry Tufford(2nd generation in the Tufford/Johnson line)
b. December 18, 1821 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. April 9, 1901 in Kensal, North Dakota

Adam Tufford
b. December 26, 1827 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. January 24, 1913 in Beamsville, Ontario


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