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Elva Lee Evans Lane

July 15, 2010 at 10:12 am (Evans Roots) (, )

First child of Alvy and Mary Evans

Elva Lee Evans
     b. November 21, 1933 in Hood River, Oregon

Married on September 25, 1953 in Hood River, Oregon to

Francis Ray Lane
     b. October 29, 1933 in Locust Grove, Oregon

Ray and Elva Lane


1) Cynthia Marie Lane
     b. June 2, 1955 in Hood River, Oregon
     d. November 1, 1984 in Hood River, Oregon

2) Timothy Ray Lane
     b. September 22, 1956 in Hood River, Oregon

3) Judith Lynne Lane
     b. August 30, 1957 in Hood River, Oregon

4) Rebecca Lee Lane
     b. March 24, 1960 in Hood River, Oregon

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Dorothy’s Obituary

June 17, 2009 at 8:00 am (Johnson Roots, Lane Roots) (, , )

Dorothy Mary Lane was born on October 8, 1918 and departed this life at Portland, Oregon on April 7, 1947, aged 28 years, 5 months, and 30 days.

For the first 17 years of her life she lived in Arthur County, where she attended grade school and also 2 years of high school.

In January 1936 she moved with her parents to Oregon where she graduated from Gresham Union High School.

In 1937 she gave her life to the Savior and became a member of Haley Baptist Church, a faith and dedication to which she always remained true.

On October 26, 1940 she was united in marriage to James J. Johnson of Portland, Oregon. To this union was born three children; James Jr., Dorean, and Donna Mae.

Dorothy was a loving wife and a fond mother and a true and steadfast friend to all who knew her.

She was always kind, always willing and glad to sacrifice her own happiness and comfort to enhance the joy of others.

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In Memory

June 16, 2009 at 8:00 am (Johnson Roots, Lane Roots) (, , )

It seemed when God called her so quickly
To be with His blessed over there
That our sorrow and grief at her passing
Was more than we mortals could bear
But we know she now dwells with the angels
We hear her voice, see her beckoning hand
And we know by God’s grace we will see her
In the beauty of His promised land

The flower of our life was our loved one
Far dearer than mere words can tell
So we’ll heed her dear voice and her beckoning
Saying, “Come to God’s heaven to dwell.”
And we’ll meet again soon up in heaven
See the joy in her sweet smiling eyes
For she is not dead, just transplanted
To the beauty of God’s Paradise

Written by Dorothy’s loving father,
Louie Robert Lane

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Letter About Dorothy’s Death

June 15, 2009 at 7:45 am (Johnson Roots, Lane Roots) (, , )

Dear Mother and all,

I know that you are all as stunned to hear of Dorothy’s death as we are. It wasn’t at all expected. She was operated on for Goiter April 7, in the morning and seemed to be doing very good and then all of a sudden they had put her under an oxygen tent but it couldn’t rally her. She was just too run down and under weight. She weighed only a bare 100 lbs. Dorothy went to the hospital April 3rd in the evening and they waited to operate because she was so weak but they didn’t wait long enough.

Wilson called me at work to-day and he called Emma Lou. She called Morgan and Jim is out there now I hope eating something as he is just a nervous wreck. Mrs. Lane has the children right now and Wilson & I are going out there to-night to try and get her to let us take them at least till after the funeral on Friday. I suppose Jim told you in his telegram that she passed away at 2:30 this morning. If ever a person was needed on this earth she was, and it is so hard to understand why she was taken.

I really don’t know much to tell you and I guess there isn’t anything to say now anyway but I thought you would want to hear a little more than a telegram could say. She is to be buried Friday at Gresham.

Wilson and I drove to Hermiston over the week end as I had four days off for Easter vacation.

Thank you so much for the nice Easter card it was nice to be remembered.

It is almost time to pick Wilson up and I think we will go immediatly to Boring to see what there is that we can do.

This is certainly a trying time for all her family and I hope and pray there can be some hope and comfort somewhere.

With love, Rae and Wilson

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