Henry and Charlotte Tufford

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Henry and Charlotte Tufford by you.

Henry and Charlotte Tufford

Henry and Charlotte (Stewart) Tufford – 2nd Generation

Henry was born on December 18, 1821 in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. He died on April 9, 1901 in Kensal, North Dakota and is buried in the Kensal cemetary in Kensal, North Dakota… Henry was a farmer and a mechanic. He bought a farm in Beamsville, Ontario from his parents; John and Mary Tufford (Lot 16, Concession 6, south of Beamsville)… In 1843 Henry built a two-story house where all 11 of his children were born and raised. The children attended Grobb School. The Cupola and Bell have been preserved and rest on the front lawn of the farm.

Henry was married on January 24, 1844 to Charlotte Stewart in Beamsville, Ontario. Charlotte was born on October 7, 1825 in Beamsville, Ontario to David and Mary (Tallman) Stewart. She died on June 29, 1902 in Kensal, North Dakota and is buried in the Kensal cemetary in Kensal, North Dakota.

David Stewart :: Born March 1800, died February 17, 1873.
Mary (Tallman) Stewart :: Born abt 1800, died abt 1868

Charlotte’s parents farmed Lot 10, Concession 9 in Beamsville, Ontario, which formally belonged to David Bertran, who was Charlotte’s great-grandfather on the grandmother’s side of the family. Charlotte’s grandparents on her Dad’s Stewart family were Enoch and Lucretia (Bertran) Stewart and her mother’s side goes back to David Bertran. James Stewart and David Bertran were United Empire Loyalists. The Stewarts originally emigrated from Scotland, so if you were wondering were the Scotch blood comes from, know you know.

Charlotte’s brothers and sisters were:

Peter Tallman Stewart
b. January 20, 1823
d. January 28, 1897

Charlotte Stewart(2nd generation in the Tufford/Johnson line)
b. October 7, 1825
d. January 29, 1902

Lydia Ann Stewart
b. February 10, 1827
d. March 10, 1903

Enoch Stewart
b. abt 1829
d. abt 1890

Joel Stewart
b. February 1831
d. abt 1900

Elizabeth Stewart
b. March 2, 1833
d. October 24, 1854

William Stewart
b. abt 1837
d. November 21, 1921

David Willoughby Stewart
b. February 13, 1842
d. December 22, 1919

A book, “James Stewart, the Elder United Empire Loyalist of Rainham and Niagara” was written by D. L. Combe and M. G. Perry (link, link, link, link), further documents the Stewart Family, published in 2007.

Henry and Charlotte were of the Presbyterian Church.

On April 23, 1874, Henry sold the farm to his neighbor, John Grobb Tufford, which still remains in the hands of the descendents of that family. Henry’s house was moved in 1940, 1/2 a mile down the road. Several familes have bought and lived in it, which each family making modifications to it… Henry, Charlotte, and family moved to Lot 20, Concession 3 (farmer 164) in Spring Bank Farm in Grand River Valley, Brantford, Ontario. They owned 170 acres of well improved land, but the soil was difficult to work, due to the constant out-cropping of stones and gravel. Farm machinery was beginning to improve and the methods of farming were changing… While in Brantford he owned two threshing machines.

In 1885, Henry and Charlotte, along with several of their children, moved to Kensal, North Dakota, where they resided the rest of their lives. The Henry Tufford family was very instrumental in the growth and development on the town and community of Kensal, North Dakota. The first mail was delivered to the Henry Tufford home, and he became the first Postmaster.

Photos of Kensal, North Dakota taken June 9, 2008.
Modern Day Kensal, North Dakota.
The Kensal Journal (a weekly newspaper by John Stewart Tufford)

The Henry Tufford Family by you.

The Henry and Charlotte Tufford Family; 1870 in Beamsville, Ontario

 Back: Cordelia, Joel, Oliver, William Henry, and Mary Alma.
Middle: Victoria, David Albert, and John Stewart.
Front: Henry holding Effie Anne, Charles, and Charlotte holding Alva

Henry and Charlotte Tufford had 11 children.

Oliver E. Tufford
b. December 31, 1844 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. November 4, 1923 in St. Johns, Michigan

William Henry Tufford
b. November 30, 1846 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. April 7, 1876 in Beamsville, Ontario

Joel Tufford
b. May 28, 1849 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. July 2, 1934 in Pueblo, Colorado

Mary Alma Tufford
b. June 9, 1851 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. August 31, 1928 in Beamsville, Ontario

Victoria Tufford
b. June 1, 1853 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. 1923 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

David Albert Tufford
b. November 23, 1955 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. December 31, 1927 in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

John Stewart Tufford(3rd generation in the Tufford/Johnson line)
b. October 26, 1859 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. June 1, 1926 in Portland, Oregon

Cordelia Tufford
b. April 9, 1861 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. April 14, 1914 in Kensal, North Dakota

Charles Tufford
b. September 4, 1863 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. March 18, 1925 in Paris, Ontario

Effie Anne Tufford
b. February 1, 1867 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. August 30, 1947 in High River, Alberta

Alva “Alvey” Tufford
b. November 6, 1869 in Beamsville, Ontario
d. November 11, 1948 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Henry and Charlotte Tufford by you.

Henry and Charlotte's gravestone in Kensal, North Dakota


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