John and Mary Tufford

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John and Mary (Vince) Tufford – 3rd Generation

John Stewart was born on October 26, 1859 in Beamsville, Ontario. He died on June 1, 1926 in Portland, Oregon. John is buried in Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery in Portland, Oregon (Section E, Lot 134, grave #4).

John was married on March 16, 1881 in Brantford, Ontario to Mary Anne Vince. Mary was born on November 13, 1859 in Brantford, Ontario to George and Margaret Vince. She died on April 14, 1917 in Coffee Creek, Montana.

John and Mary lived in several different areas during their married life:

1959-1874 :: Beamsville, Ontario (John)
1874-1885 :: Brantford, Ontario
1885-1915 :: Kensal, North dakota
1915-1918 : Coffee Creek, Montana

After Mary died John moved to Portland, Oregon in 1918, where some of his children and their families lived, until 1926 when he died.

John had many different jobs during his lifetime. He probably worked as a farmer in Brantford, Ontario. In Kensal he was a manager of Roger’s Lumber, and the owner/operator of the Kensal Journal (a weekly newspaper), he was one of Kensal’s first Postmasters, and also was in the Farm Implement business. He served as Justice of the Peace for several years and held other village and township offices. He was one of the ealy pioneers of Kensal and vicinity, and was instrumental in the promotion of many organizations which made for the advancement of the town. He was a Charter Member of the local Odd Fellow Lodge and was a founding and influential member during his residence there. The first dwelling of any importance erected within the town limits was the J. S. Tufford home. The first public school was organized in a part of the J. S. Tufford dwelling. John was an elected member of the board of trustees for the Kensal Cemetery. John and Mary were of the Congregational Church.

It is not definite what the spelling of John’s middle name is. Most early info found spelled it as “Stuart”, because it was thought his mother’s maiden name was spelled that way, but recent research by the Stewart family proves that his mother’s maiden name was spelled “Stewart”.

The John Stewart Tufford Family by you.

The John S. Tufford Family in late 1897

Back: Mary Ellen and Charlotte. Middle: Cordelia, John, Mary Anne, and Arthur.
Front: Chester and Lydia (Yoland wasn’t born yet)

John and Mary Tufford had eight children:

Charlotte Beatrice Tufford
b. June 29, 1883 in St. Thomas, Ontario
d. May 19, 1945 in Juneau, Alaska

John Henry Tufford
b. August 20, 1885 in Brantford, Ontario
d. October 21, 1890 in Kensal, North Dakota

Mary Ellen Tufford(4th generation in the Tufford/Johnson line)
b. February 5, 1887 in Kensal, North Dakota
d. April 10, 1961 in Sweet Home, Oregon

Codelia Tufford
b. August 9, 1889 in Kensal, North Dakota
d. December 21, 1922 in Edmonton, Alberta

Chester Norman Tufford
b. December 6, 1892 in Kensal, North Dakota
d. May 7, 1951 in Portland, Oregon

Arthur Roger Tufford
b. August 14, 1895 in Kensal, North Dakota
d. March 22, 1976 in Portland, Oregon

Lydia May Tufford
b. June 24, 1897 in Kensal, North Dakota
d. March 21, 1953 in Kellogg, Idaho

Yoland “Ruth” Tufford
b. May 30, 1901 in Kensal, North Dakota
d. May 21, 1970 in Monroe, Oregon





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