John Frederick Chandler

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10th Child of Perry and Nancy Chandler

John Frederick Chandler
     b. February 17, 1919 in Joplin, Missouri
     d. March 2007 in Roseburg, Oregon

Married on October 26, 1941 in Vancouver, Washington to

Rose Alice Matters
     b. July 8, 1923 in Portland, Oregon
     d. July 7, 1977 in Roseburg, Oregon


1) Rosa Darlene Chandler
     b. June 2, 1942 in Portland, Oregon
     d. January 14, 2004 in Roseburg, Oregon

2) Karen Joan Chandler
     b. September 10, 1944 in Portland, Oregon

3) Lawrence Keith Chandler
     b. August 19, 1945 in Portland, Oregon

4) David LeRoy Chandler
     b. December 23, 1950 in Roseburg, Oregon

Story of John Chandler by Karen Joan Chandler

John was born at the Williams Homestead between Joplin & Seneca Missouri. He weighted 1 3/4 pounds when he was born. He was not expected to live. At three weeks he weighted 3 pounds fully dressed. When he was 3 or 4 months old he Whooping Cough. They didn’t think that he would make it through that. He also had Mastoid ear infection when very young.

Moved to Pilot Rock, Oregon with his family when he was about 9 months old.

He quit school in the 10th grade when he got Thyphoid Fever. The Doctor did not think he would come through that either.

John started working in the woods at the age of 14 along with his father and brothers. When he started working in the wooks they did not have power saws, they used crosscut saws. He worked at Bridal Veil Box where they made amunition boxes at that time.. Went to work at Swan Island Shipyard as a welder, he welded on ships. He also worked in the packing sheds packing apples. Went to work for Roseburg Lumber Company as a faller March 16, 1948 and worked there until he retired. After his retirement he worked for different logging companies as equipment & fire watch. He worked doing that until he was 88 years old. He then quit working.

John belonged to the Fair Oaks & Sutherlin granges, was a Boy Scout leader and volunteer fireman at Fair Oaks. He help build the fire department up.


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